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Higher M+ gear will be only from vault. For reference, the final bosses of Mythic Vault of the Incarnates dropped ilvl 424 gear, and players are reaching an average item level of 424 with the expansion’s.
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  • WoW players explain why the new Dragonflight gearing system is flawed.
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    That then you get a 216 or 223 in your weekly vault, and heroic dropped 213 and then 220.

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    Trophy of Strife gear.

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  • (Picture: Blizzard) First off, the minimum iLvl items that drop in Vault of the Incarnates come from the low LFR tier, at 376, and it goes up to 424 for High Mythic tier raiding.
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  • Dragonflight M+ and iLvl.
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